Most cars have had some form of dashboard symbols or warning lights in the past, but as the technology gets more advanced, we end up having more symbols to decipher on our dashboard. If you're unsure what these symbols mean, you may not know what the appropriate steps are if one lights up or flashes.

Not all warning lights or symbols mean the same thing, and they tend to vary between manufacturer, model, year or even the specific technologies. Your owner's manual can help you identify these symbols and lights, but we want you to be aware of the serious ones, so the team at Fred Beans Subaru put together this handy dashboarding symbols guide to give you a bit more insight. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us today.

Warning Lights

Warning lights are color-coded to indicate the severity of the system's issue, so you can then determine if it requires immediate service or repairs.

Red dashboard warning lights may indicate a potentially serious issue or safety concern, in which case, you should immediately have your vehicle checked by a certified service professional. Red lights can also be a reminder that the system is due for maintenance, which is less concerning.

Yellow or orange dashboard warning lights usually signal that a system component needs servicing or repair. When these lights flash, it's best to have the vehicle checked by a service professional.

Green or blue dashboard lights aren't usually a cause for alarm since they tend to indicate that a system is active and operating properly.


Serious System Malfunctions

There are a few dashboard warning lights and accompanying systems that indicate a serious issue and require your immediate attention.

Your brake warning light will typically show up in red text and shows a major malfunction within your braking system, such as your emergency brake or ABS.

Your engine temperature warning light will also show up red, and it shows that your engine overheated. If this symbol is blue, it means the coolant temperature is too low, and if it's red and blue flashing, it means there's a malfunction with the electrical wiring. This symbol looks like a thermometer in liquid.

Your oil warning light indicates low oil pressure, which can severely compromise your engine's function. This symbol looks like an old-fashioned oil lamp with a drop of liquid.

Your battery charging system warning light means that you have a malfunctioning battery, a connection issue or a failing alternator. This symbol looks like a battery with positive and negative signs within it.

Schedule Your Service Appointment Today

Hopefully, this dashboard symbols guide gave you a little more insight and peace-of-mind into the meaning of your dashboard lights and symbols, as well as which require immediate attention.

If you're in the area of Philadelphia or Doylestown and have a concern or question about one of your dashboard symbols or lights, feel free to stop by Fred Beans Subaru to discuss it with one of our certified service technicians or schedule your service appointment. Contact us today!

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