The very best way to extend the life of your vehicle is to get regular changes of your engine oil. When you have fresh, clean oil in your car, your engine will run smoothly, and you'll lessen the risk of engine damage that could cause you to need more expensive repairs. If you're a driver in the Doylestown or Philadelphia area, and wonder what type of oil for your car is needed, our team at Fred Beans Subaru has put together this helpful guide. We'll teach you about the different kinds of motor oil and how they can affect your vehicle.

High Standards

The first factor to consider is whether you're purchasing a brand of motor oil that has been tested to ensure that it meets the standards set by professional organizations. Any brand that you choose should be tested by the American Petroleum Institute (API), which would be indicated on the label.

In addition, the brand should have an SL service designation. This designation indicates that the oil has been subjected to engine and lab tests to make sure that it meets quality standards for durability and longevity. These API standards should ensure the safety of putting the product into your car.


The next factor to consider before making a purchase is the viscosity, which is how resistant a liquid is to flow. When your engine warms up, the oil in the engine will thin, and once it cools down again, the oil will thicken. If the oil isn't at the proper viscosity, your vehicle may be vulnerable to normal temperature swings caused by regular driving and weather changes.

Two numbers should be listed on the bottle to tell you the viscosity measurement. You should see the letter W, which stands for winter. The number listed before the letter W is the measurement of how resistant the oil is to thickening, and the number following the letter W is the resistance to thinning. Ideally, the first number should be low, while the second number should be higher. This ensures that the oil will perform correctly under a number of different temperature conditions.

Choose Your Oil

Obviously, the single most important factor in deciding which oil is correct for your vehicle is the type of vehicle itself. Most cars use premium conventional oil because it can be obtained in a number of different viscosities.

More high-tech, modern, or performance engines will likely prefer a synthetic oil. These engines perform better at extreme temperatures, and need a synthetic lubricant that'll withstand the heat. Another option to consider is a synthetic blend, which combines conventional and synthetic oils. If your car has a lot of miles on the odometer, you may need a formula that's specially made for high-mileage engines.

What Type of Oil for My Car?

If you need additional assistance deciding what kind of oil to purchase for your vehicle, contact the service center at Fred Beans Subaru. Our expert technicians will be happy to assist you! 

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