Out of all the components of your vehicle, tires may just take the most punishment. Depending on what kind of abuse they face here in the Doylestown and Philadelphia areas, some may last longer than others. So, how long can you expect your tires to last?

Fred Beans is here to teach you about not just the lifespan of your average tire, but about the preventative maintenance necessary to keep them going. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us

How Long Do Tires Last: Average Lifespan of a Tire

 When local drivers visit our service center, they often ask our technicians how long tires should last. We tend to give them the blanket answer: about 3-4 years, assuming you drive 12k-15k miles in a year. However, this answer can vary depending on local road conditions and your driving habits.

Just think, if you're the type of drive who stays mostly to well-paved highways, then odds are, you don't have many potholes or bumps in the road to contend with. In which case, your tires aren't taking nearly as much damage. If you drive a lot of backroads, on the other hand, they may be wearing very quickly.

Likewise, drivers with a lead foot are probably doing more damage to their tires than they realize. When you hit the brakes last minute and are forced to decelerate quickly, that puts an awful lot of strain on your tread. It's best to avoid these habits, for the sake of your tires.

Preventative Maintenance Just for Your Tires

While road conditions may be out of your hands, there's plenty that you can do to keep your tires in great shape for longer periods of time. Specifically, routine maintenance can make all the difference.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

You may not realize it, but your tires can lose quite a bit of air in a month. And when you drive on under-inflated tires, it can really accelerate tread-wear. To prevent this, we'd recommend filling your tires every month or so. Check your driver's manual for exact tire pressure recommendations.

Stay Up to Date on Alignment

Having an unaligned front-end can cause a whole slew of problems in terms of handling and braking. However, another prominent side affect is tire wear. For your tires' health, be sure to have your alignment check every year (it may only need to be performed every two).

Have Your Tires Rotated Frequently

We cannot stress this last one enough. With every oil change, you should also have your tires rotated and re-balanced. It may not seem like a significant maintenance item, but over time, it can make a huge difference in the lifespan of your tires.

Need More Advice on Tire Care?

The roads can get a little rough here in the Doylestown and Philadelphia areas form time to time, which can be bad news for your tires. If you'd like more advice on regular tire care, our technicians are happy to help. Contact the Fred Beans Subaru service team today for more information about your tires!

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